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Munka az Olympus-nál

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Az Olympus modern munkakörnyezetet és vonzó feltételeket kínál:

An environment characterised by level hierarchies and quick decision-making processes. We place great value on a co-operative team spirit where everyone is responsible for each other and where we all support one another. Openness, trust, professionalismn and dialog are the basis of our co-operation.

A mindset of all-embracing responsibility is demonstrated in all actions. This ensures that all our actions are clear: authoritative and follow ethical guidelines, as well as transparency and fairness. Another consequence of this mindset is a unique commitment to social responsibility, whether in relation to childcare or concerning social and medical initiatives.

We appreciate our employees as people who give Olympus personality and character and who are our guarantee for commercial success. Because of this, the opinions and contribution of each of our employees is extremely important to us — embracing a continuous learning process today is the only way we can ensure success in the future with ground-breaking solutions.

Potential for personal career development. We allow scope for ideas, assign responsibility from an early stage and place great emphasis on further training. We want you to systematically develop and expand your own individual skills and professional expertise, so that you can shape your own personal career path. Those with management potential are invited to take part in our international management development programme.

Performance-related pay. We have high expectations regarding the ability and willingness of our employees to perform, which is why we offer plenty of opportunities for further development and corresponding financial rewards. For example, our commission system is closely tied in with the fulfilment of targets and annual employee appraisals.